I recently purchased another Viberg because after having the 2050 chelsea boots I can tell why people worship Viberg as a shoe-maker. Their quality and material used on the boots and shoes are immaculate and it feels like I am wearing actual boots that can last me a lifetime. Not that other boots that I have are bad in terms of their quality and every brand has their own characteristics, but my god Viberg feels like an actual tank.

I had to pull another trigger on the Viberg boots, and I also have another pair actually on it’s way to me. In total 3 pairs of Viberg will be in my collection for 2021. I am planning to slow down the purchase process and actually try to review all the shoes and boots I have instead. I need more time and energy to do that!

Anyway, these are the Viberg Gaucho Suede Derby Boots. The Gaucho suede is made in the U.K with the infamous C.F Stead. The calf suede is very soft and yet feels strong. The leather lining used is kip leather. Kip leather is a type of leather that is from a cow: age between 6 months and 12 months old. Usually used in baseball gloves because it’s soft but also tougher than the calf leather.

The last used is 2030. 2030 Last for Viberg was literally a half size down from my Brannock sizing, which is 11.5. I usually wear UK 10.5 or UK 11 on most of my shoes and they fit perfectly with size 11.

After wearing it for one day, I am also in love with the tan coloured Dainite soles. More companies need to use this instead of black Dainite soles. They look better and it feels like that the brand has thought about the design and the colour match. Also, I personally really love the speed hooks, since it makes putting shoes on and off so much easier. 

One thing I hate. are the laces. The laces are very weak looking and also very thin, I think thick laces would have been better. They also come undone very easily so need to double knot them to wear them.

I was also confused with the free gifts included. Not that I am complaining, but they provided a shoe cream with the suede shoes. I am wondering if they want me to wax these once I wear them for a while. A suede brush would have been a nicer touch. But hey, I already have 3 suede brushes.

I love this brand so much that I will actively search for great deals for Viberg boots! Stay tuned for more Vibergs!

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