This is a page that I will share sizing for my shoes and boots. Since everyone have different feet, your size will not be the same as mine, but I hope this can give people general idea of how my shoes fit. Here is a quick guide if you are interested. 

I have shoes from various brands from: Tricker’s, Viberg, Red Wing, Cheaney, Fracap, Grenson, Allen Edmonds, Loake, Common Projects, Carmina shoemaker, Meermin, Church’s, Crockett and Jones, Nike, Adidas, White’s Boots, Benzein Shoes, Thursday Boots and many more.

When I buy new shoes, they will be added here!

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Brannock Size 11.5


Size: 11.5 Right foot, size between 11 and 11.5 Left foot

– Poor Sock Choice

Red Wing Iron Ranger Muleskinner 8083

Red Wing Iron Ranger (Purchase link)

– US 11D, UK 10D

– Last: 8

– Very comfortable, and no break-in was required. May want a hair wider, but it’s all good

Red Wing 9060 Beckman Flatbox Klondike Leather

Red Wing 9060 Beckman (Purchase link)

– US 11D, UK 10D

– Last: 8

– Very comfortable, but awful breakin. May want a hair wider, but it’s all good

(Review link)

Tricker's Henry Waxed Suede

Tricker’s Henry Brogue Chelsea Boots

– UK 10.5

– 4444 Lasat

– Compared to the previous pair that was UK11, it fits better. These are my dome pairs, please check them out in this link!

White's Bounty Hunter 350 Cruiser

White’s Bounty Hunter 350 Cruiser (Review)

– US 11D

– Last: 55

– Bit of a room in the toebox, but it fits great with thin or  thick socks. No discomfort with long time wear     Buy White’s boots 

White's Stevens Boots

White’s Stevens Boots

– US 11D – Last: 5050 – Fits a bit narrower than 55 last, the last is great and love the look on the boots too
Truman Maryam Horse Rump

Truman Boots Cap toe

– 79 Last

– US 11.5D

– Really good fit, a hair narrow. I do have Truman same last in US 11.5E and it fits better

Helm Boot Zind boots

Helm Boots Zind boots

– US 11 EE 

– Last: 415 Last

– Great fit overall, usually wear them with thick socks

Helm Boots size guide

Crockett and Jones Chelsea 11 UK 11

Crockett and Jones Chelsea 11

– UK 11 E

– Last: 325

– Width of the boots is tiny bit narrow, but does not mean it is uncomfortable. length is tiny bit long but considering the width, cannot downsize. overall fits good and comfortable

Crockett and Jones collection in the USA : HERE

Truman Navy Horse Roughout

Truman boots Navy Horse Roughout

– US 11.5 E 

– Last: 79 

– Great fit overall, 

Crockett and Jones Connaught Size UK 11

Crockett and Jones Connaught (Review)

– UK 11 (Website)

– Last: 236

– Fits great with Thin socks. Cannot wear them with Thick socks. No discomfort with long time wear

Crockett and Jones Cardigan Cordovan Size UK 11

Crockett and Jones Cardigan

– Size: UK 11

– Fits good, not tight and also plenty of room for my toes. Very comfortable.

Benzein Engineer Boots US 11.5 E

Benzein Engineer boots – “The keeper” (initial impression)

– Size: US 11.5 E

– Parang Last, wide width

– The length and the width is all very good. These are my stitchdown patina thunderdome shoes. Tiny bit of heel slippage for now, but less with thicker socks.

Church's Tasmania Chukka Size 11

Church’s Tasmania Chukka boots

Size UK 11

– G Fitting

– Slightly roomy, but no sliding or discomfort. Made of Nevada Calf

Cheaney Tweed Size UK 11

Cheaney Tweed Brogue Boots

– Size: UK 11 | US 12 | EU 45.5 

F Fitting (Medium) | Last:  (Cheaney’s Size Chart)

– Great Fit with thick socks. No discomfort after hours of wear. Bit spacious with thin socks. 

Tricker's Stow UK 11

Tricker’s Stow Earth Suede

 Size: UK 11 (Tricker’s Size Chart)

– Last: 4497

– Compare to the Burford with 10.5, it is tiny bit roomier but not too big. I like to wear this with thicker socks

Tricker's Burford UK 10.5

Tricker’s X Todd Snyder Burford

 Size: UK 10.5

– Last: 4497 (Tricker’s Size Chart)

– Fits perfect, not to narrow or wide. Prefer to wear it with thin socks

Grenson Fred Size UK 11

Grenson Fred V Boots

– Size: UK 11 | US 12 | EU 45 

G Fitting (Medium) | Last: 201 (Grenson Size Chart)

– Very Spacious fit, using extra insoles for a better fit. Very comfortalbe.

Alden Indy 403 boots US 11.5 D

Alden Indy 403 Boots

– Size: US 11.5 D

– Trubalance Last

– Now, I don’t know why that these fit very nicely, because according to other forums US 11 should fit better. But 11.5D did for me. I would prefer 11 E (wider width) but I didn’t have a chance.

Purchase alden here

For the UK readers

Cheaney Edmonds Monkstraps Size 10.5

Cheaney Edmonds Monkstrap

Size: UK 10.5 | US 11.5 | EU 45 

F Fitting (Medium) | Last: 125 (Cheaney’s Size Chart)

– Great Fit with thin socks. No discomfort after hours of wear

Meermin Cordovan Boots Size UK 10.5

Meermin Cordovan MTO

– Size: UK 10.5 | US 11.5 | EU 44.5 

 F Fitting (Medium) | Last: HOK (Meermin Size Chart)

– Great Fit with thin socks. No discomfort after hours of wear cannot be worn with thick socks

Viberg Slippers Size 10.5

Viberg Slippers

– Size: 10.5 

Last: 2050 (Viberg Size Chart)

– Amazing fit for my feet. Very tiny bit of heel slippage, but this is inevitable for loafers

Tricker's Adam Penny Loafers UK 10.5

Tricker’s Adam Loafers

– Size: UK 10.5 | US 11.5 | EU 45

F Fitting (Medium) | Last: 11659 (Tricker’s Size Chart)

– Too big, even with an extra added heel counter. Need to size down half a size.

Red Wing 8131 Moctoe Size UK 10

Red Wing Moctoe Oro Russet 8131

Size: UK 10 | US 11 (Red Wing Size chart)

– Width D (Medium) | Last : 23

– Tiny bit of extra room around the toe box. Maybe UK 9.5 would fit better. But Size UK 10 is not uncomfortable.

Grenson Archie Size UK 10

Grenson Archie C

– Size: UK 10 | US 11 | EU 44 (Grenson Size Chart)

G Fitting (Wide) | Last : 201

– Fits better compared to Fred, but tiny bit of heel slippage.

Allen Edmonds Strandmok US 11.5

Allen Edmonds Strandmok

– Size: US 11.5 (Allen Edmonds Size Chart)

Last : 65 Width D

– Fits great, no heel slipping

Grant Stone Diesel Boots Size US 11

Grant Stone Diesel Boots

– Size: US 11

Last : Leo

– Great with thin socks. These were purchased after getting a recommendation from Grant stone.

– Compare to Ottawa boots below, even though made of same last, the vamp does not have a tight fit.

John Lofgren Desert Boots US 11

John Lofgren Desert Boots in Sand

– Size: US 11

– Was advised to buy a half size smaller compare to your Brannock. fits well, width is good

Cheaney Pennine II UK 11

Cheaney Pennine II

– UK 11 Last 4436 G width

– Tiny bit wide, could definitely wear UK10.5

Viberg Service Boots

Viberg Serivce Boots Sizing

– These are actually 11.5, which is a half size too big. But can be worn with thick socks without much discomfort. Usually used as a night out pair of boots.

Viberg Size Chart

Berwick Boots Sizing

– UK 11

– They do not carry different widths, I have a bit of a weird pink toe, but does not hurt with this size. Very comfortable last, but the waxy commander is always very strong.

Returned / Sold

Tricker's Henry Brogue Boots Size 11

Tricker’s Henry Brogue Chelsea Boots

– UK 11

– 4444 Lasat

– Fits tiny bit roomy but not too wide. Possibly go for half a size down

Red Wing weekender Red Maples

Red Wing Weekender Red Maples

– UK 10 | US 11 -Length and Width are both good, but kept getting heel blisters. Possibly cannot fit bigger size
Viberg 2030 Derby boots Size 11

Viberg 2030 Derby Boots

– Viberg Size 11 (Viberg Size Chart

– Last: 2030

– Made of Gaucho Suede.

got a message that these are actually 2020 last and not 2030 last. I can see why these were a bit narrow

Yogi Finn II UK 11

Yogi Finn II


Fit was really good, unfortunately, due to my low arch, did not look great, had to return them

Grant Stone Ottawa Boots size US 11

Grant Stone Ottawa Boots

– Size: US 11

Last : Leo

– Similar fit as the Diesel boots above. But the vamp is a tiny bit more tighter. It’s not uncomfortable but probably go for US 11.5 or wider width.

Tricker's Bobby Cordovan UK 10.5

Tricker’s Cordovan Bobby

– Size: UK 10.5 | US 11.5 | EU 45

F Fitting (Medium) | Last: 2298 (Tricker’s Size Chart)

– Great Fit with thin socks. Slightly narrow for my feet

Viberg 2050 Chelsea boots Size 11

Viberg 2050 Chelsea Boots

– Viberg Size 11 (Viberg Size Chart)

– Last: 2050

– Cannot Wear them with thick socks, have to wear them with thin socks. Boots are narrow, but I think size 11.5 will be too big for me. Made of natural waxed flesh so maybe suede will be easier to wear

Loake Chatsworth Chelsea Size 11

Loake Chatsworth Chelsea boots

Size: UK 11 | EU 45 (Loake Size Chart)

– G Fitting (Medium) | Last: Jockey

– Great fit with thin and thick socks. Felt slightly big at first, but actually fits perfect

Thursday Captain Boots

Thursday Boot Captain Boot sizing

– US 11.5D

– Decent fit, on the flex point, heel and the vamp but the boots are really long. Maybe 11 E would fit much better.