Red Wing 9060 FlatBox Beckman

It has been two and a half months since I started to wear my Red Wing 9060 Flatbox. I think it is good enough time for me to give an interim review. 

I am sure by now that everyone knows about Red Wing Boots, they are from Red Wing in Minnesota, USA. These Red Wing 9060s are not Red Wing’s usual production, they are usually special editions that come out every now and then. 

Red Wing 9060 Beckman Upper Leather

The upper leather of Red Wing 9060 is Klondike leather. As with any of Red Wing’s boots, the leather is produced by SB Tannery, which is owned by Red Wing Boots. Klondike leather is a teacore leather that has a brown vegetable tanned core leather underneath the black dye. That in return develops a very interesting character in the long run, but the Klondike leather is very durable and strong and the leather will not get any scratches or scuffs. For some, this is ideal, but for me it’s not because I need to have a great patina for it to win the competition. 

When I first purchased the boots, the leather was very shiny and very stiff, which gave it a hard time for me to break them in. But now, it fits very well to my feet and feels very comfortable. So I would recommend you to trust the process and fight through the pain. After all, someone wise once said, “the blade will only get strong if it goes through fire.”

Klondike leather loose grain? So the leather on these boots may look like they will develop loose grain. The creasing on the toes do not look very pretty as some would call it. I personally do not mind this as in the long run it’ll just look like a regular crease. Some people called it grain break on the community, as this is the natural way that Klondike leather is worn. I am just here to inform you about the boots and the leather. It’s up to you to judge if you like it or not. 

Red Wing 9060 Beckman Flatbox

Red Wing 9060 Beckman Sizing

I took the same size as my Red Wing Iron Rangers. I wear UK10 or US 11 for my Iron Rangers and I took the exact same sizing for the Red Wing 9060 Beckman. Some have said that they needed to take different sizes but that wasn’t the case for me. Both boots fit great and I got no complaints. 

Just for a reference I am Brannock 11.5 width is between D and E due to my pinky toe. If you are interested, have a look at my Master Size Chart where I update boot and shoe sizes.

Red Wing 9060 Outsoles

Outsoles on these Red Wing boots are Gro-Cord Half soles. I personally think the outsoles are hard wearing. I have a lot of shoes that the outsoles wear very quickly. But these Gro-cord outsoles are not getting worn. Gro-cord is made of hard rubber and contrary to my expectations, it’s very grippy as well. It was very supportive on the snow and wet surfaces (NOT ICE, nothing is grippy on ice)

However, as it’s hard rubber, you may feel some discomfort when you start to wear it for the first time. 

The boots themselves are very stiff. Therefore, the upper leather, outsoles, midsoles and everything needs to break in before it’s comfortable.

Red Wing 9060 Midsoles

Normally Red Wing boots do not have any midsoles. My Iron Rangers just have welts and outsoles. However, these Red Wing 9060 Beckmans have leather midsoles in addition to the Grocord outsoles. This is a very good addition to the boots as that makes it more comfortable for me to wear the boots. I am a heavy person and the midsole gives me extra comfort when I wear these.

But let’s face it, it’s not comparable to other sports brand’s comfort technology. But I am just saying, it’s an enjoyable addition.

Red Wing 9060 Price

These are currently priced at £399 on Red Wing London. I believe when they are available in the States, they are around $400 as well.

I think the boots are worth their price with their build and durability. But I will let you guys decide if you think the boots are worth it or not as everyone’s economic situation is very different.

Red Wing 9060 Laces

As many people complain, the laces are waxed cotton shoelaces and they’re really short. Also the shoelaces were very weak, or maybe I tie them really strong, but I broke after the airport security check, so I had to urgently buy another pair of laces in the airport. 

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