Quite a bit ago, Viberg has released Spring and Summer 2024 round of boots on their website. I wasn’t able to cover those, but if you have missed the news, here are some boots that look amazing in my opinion. 

The links are attached below if you are interested

Hallkett Boots – Rawhide Waxy Commander

Service Boots – 2040Last Anise Waxy Commander

Chelsea Boots – Gobi Regency Calf

Halkett Boot - Rawhide Waxy Commander
Service Boot® 2040 - Anise Waxy Commander
Chelsea - Gobi Regency Calf

All the images of Viberg boots are from their website directly and they got some really interesting release this season. Viberg boots used a lot of different types of C.F Stead’s Waxy Commander leather. The waxy commander itself is a very durable leather and it’s also heavily waxed. It’ll create beautiful patina as you wear them. You can read my article about the waxy commander leather to find out more about it. 

I would assume that the waxy commander is used more recently with many bootmakers, because the leather has gained it’s fame. But C.F Stead’s leather was always popular among the bootmakers and has been used for a very long time.  Another reason might be due to the fact that Horween’s leather is getting expensive and also, there is a lot of demand. Therefore, I would assume that it’s a more affordable option without sacrificing quality. 

I picked the three above as I think they are aesthetically pleasing and after selecting them, I have realised that they are all same colour. I always wanted to try Hallkett Boots because I love tall boots. for 2040 last service boots, you don’t know how comfortable 2040 last is on your feet, until you try it. Viberg really needs to use more of the wider lasts to make their boots. Lastly, I will always love Chelsea boots, so I wanted to feature here. 

Have a look at the links attached  above, if you are interested!