Hey! Welcome to Kudusole. I made this so that I can share information and also learn about boots and shoes. Anyone is welcome, whether you are someone who is newly having an interest in shoes or someone who already has many pairs of shoes and just came here to read my reviews.

 I try to cover all the areas with my reviews and articles. If you have any questions or have any feedback, please let me know!

I made this blog to share my passion and provide information about shoes and shoe related stuff. Whether someone is new to this and wants to learn about it or someone who is already a collector. I am happy with any visitors to this site and I will listen to everyone’s feedbacks or input to this website.

I always had a huge interest in shoes, whether it’s leather shoes, boots, or sneakers. The collectors will understand the frustration of how people around you don’t get your passion for shoes. That’s why I made this website so that at least one extra person can learn and understand why it is great to have a good pair of shoes. Currently, I mainly work on my Instagram page, but in the future, I would like to expand to many other social media platforms

I love British made shoes such as Crockett & Jones, Tricker’s, Joseph Cheaney, and Sanders. I enjoy how well British shoes are made and love their design. But that doesn’t mean I do not like shoes from outside of the UK. Whether it’s American made or Indonesian, as long as it’s a quality pair of shoes I will want to try it and learn more about it. 

I think it’s amazing that people can experience different shoes online. Thesedays people don’t have to necessarily go to a shoe store and ask the staff if the shoes are great. Although that is a great idea, but not everyone can travel or you might not even have a store in your town.

I go to other people’s website, Youtube channels and various forums to read to know more about shoes and indirectly experience what they have. I want to do that same so that people can leave this website feeling that this website is very helpful and being able to find what they have searched for. If what you read has helped you to make a decision that’s good and I am grateful.

Here is a link to my Instagram, Youtube so if you have a chance please check it out!