Viberg is a Canadian shoemaking company which is a 90 years of business with great quality shoes and boots. 

I always wanted Viberg boots, but I didn’t know if I wanted to pull the trigger. I was scared that it won’t fit, also what if the quality is not as good as they say?

Well today I finally bought Viberg boots. I bought Chelsea boots in waxed flesh. I am a big fan of Chelsea boots and wanted to try the waxed flesh leather. So this was a perfect decision.

You can only buy this specific model from 3sixteen, which is a clothing store in New York. 

There weren’t many reviews about viberg Chelsea boots, even though Viberg includes Chelsea boots regularly into their production line. I had to do my own research about the sizing and leather and how the boots are.

Sizing wise, I only tried them on so far and they are true to UK size. The last used is Viberg 2050 last. I did wear them with thick socks, but I think 10.5 would have been a bit small. I wear UK 11 for all my sneakers including Nike, Adidas and Jordan. Take this as a reference, but everyone has different feet. My UK 11 will be different from your UK 11, but I hope this helped you to narrow your choices down.

The boots are 270 degree Goodyear flat welted with Dainite soles. It also has channeled insoles.

The quality of the boots at a first glance is amazing. I usually do not care about imperfections on the boots. These were literally impeccable. Everything was clean and the details were amazing. I can see why people get into Viberg. Probably a lot of people like to open a brand new box of Viberg boots and admire the master craftsmanship.

I am sure they are also great when worn. Yet to find out!

Viberg Natural Waxed Flesh Chelsea Boots 2021 unworn
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