I think the old military style boots have some kind of magical power in their design that attracts a lot of people. I am one of them to that loves these roughout boots. The designs get better if it’s made of beige roughout leather. If you are looking for some kind of military style boots that are well made, Viberg is one of the companies that make field boots and offers them in various lasts. But it could be difficult to find good places to buy them. 

Therefore, I have prepared a lists of 4 places where you can purchase this so have a look below! They are all made of roughout leather.

  1. Viberg Marine Field Service Boots 2040 last
  2. Viberg N-1 Field Boots 310 Last
  3. Viberg Boondocker Service Boots 2030 last
  4. Viberg Scout boots 1035 last 
Viberg 1035 Scout Boots - Image via Lost and found shop (click on the photo to view)
Viberg 2040 Service Boots - image via Brooklyn clothing (Click on the photo to view)