White's Boots Stevens Review

I have a love and hate relationship with White’s boots at this point, because I love White’s boots but also they haven’t been treating me correctly with damages in my wallet and had a minor flaw with the boots.

Today I brought White’s boots Stevens with dress caps to show you guys. This model is part of the lifestyle boots section and it’s part of a very interesting line-ups with MP boots, 350 Cutters and other models.

White’s boots factory is currently located in Spokane, WA. White’s boots is originally an American brand, but currently is owned by LaCrosse Footwear company, an American Footwear company. Which is owned by ABC-Mart. ABC-Mart is a Japanese multi-billion dollar company.

White’s boots stevens upper

The upper of this boot is made of full grain British tan Chromexcel leather. If you can see the dimension, they used a very thick chunk of leather on the boots. The lining of the boots is very very thin, but because of the thickness of the Chromexcel, it almost does not matter that the lining is thin.

The colour of the British tan Chromexcel is beautiful. It’s between dark brown and tan colour, providing a beauty on its own. 

The height White’s boots, Stevens, is 5” tall, which is a bit shorter than regular boots, but I think they measured this from the rear side of the boots. The boots neck height gradually increases from rear side to the front of the neck.

The vamps are connected with quadruple stitching, the cap toes are also connected with two double stitching. You can also select this model without the dress toe cap, and just a plain toe model. The dress cap is made of broguing detail giving a bit more extra point to wear. The toe boxes are structured, which gives great support when you walk. 

There are 4 speed hooks and 5 eyelets on the upper, which makes it easier to put the shoes on but does not give a full dressier look to the boots. I prefer the speed hooks as many of you guys know about me.

The stitchings on the uppers are very dense and feel durable. I will try to make a comparison with the Thursday boots, and show you guys what I mean next time. 

One thing I love about these White’s boots Stevens is that the tongues of the boots are gusseted. The reason why I love gusseted tongue in boots is that it’s more waterproof when I wear them. Of course I won’t be wearing these in a work situation but I often find myself in the rain in the UK. Secondly, it holds the tongue so that it does not move around and does not give any discomfort. I guess I have a weird walk, because sometimes I find the tongue of the boots or shoes on the side, but since they are held with the vamp, it does not have this.

White's Boots Stevens Image via Whitesboots.com

White’s boots Stevens outsoles

The outsoles are Dainite soles and they are hand welted. This is where the high cost comes from because they are hand lasted and hand welted. It’s single row stitched, compared to the double row stitching it gives a less chunkier look.

I have recently changed my opinion towards Dainite soles, that I do not love them as much as I did, because I found them very slippery in certain spaces. Especially after it rains. However, I think it’s something I will talk about more deeply next time.

The midsoles on these White’s boots are leather midsoles and the heel type is regular block heel. 

White’s Boots Stevens sizing and last

These are made with “The Newest Arch-Ease” last and it’s named 5050. On White’s boots website it says “they are providing the same arch support with a sleeker toe profile.”

It is indeed a sleeker or we can say narrower compared to the original 55 last. Here is the comparison. It feels like it’s half a size or full size narrower compared to the normal 55 last they offer. However, the Arch support on these is phenomenal. 

One thing to mention about the Dress Cap

The flex point of the boots for me kind of lies on top of the dress cap broguing area. In the short term, this won’t be a problem, but since the pattern is more delicate compared to the regular plain leather, I will have to take extra care for this area so that there is no ripping of the pattern or anything will build up around this area.

Of course, everyone is different and some people will be bothered by this and some people won’t. I am not entirely bothered but just aware of the care.

White’s boots Stevens pricing

At the moment, on White’s boots website, these boots are priced at $700 per pair. Everyone’s economic situation is different, so I won’t be saying if the boots are cheap or not. Onething for certain is that these will last a very very long time with proper care.

Is White's Boots Stevens Worth the price?

As I always say, everyone’s economic situation is different and what’s cheap for you might not be cheap for me. These White’s boots are hand lasted and hand stitched. They are very comfortable and stylish to wear. 

Because they are all made of hands, often you will be able to find some minor flaws from their boots. If you are a person who is okay with this, White’s boots will treat you well!

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