Viberg Slippers Review

Viberg slippers are my summer’s favourite shoes to wear now, and I have a rule that I do not wear boots when it is above 20 degrees. Which for some people, 20 degrees is really high too. But it’s because I  sweat a lot and often boots and jeans just make me to sweat more.  

I purchased these Viberg slippers one year ago and I think I have worn them enough to give them a helpful review. These Viberg slippers are essential during the summer, and I have found out they are great on the beach as well.  

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Viberg Slippers Pricing

Viberg Slippers are currently $585 on Viberg’s website or on any other websites. I do agree that it is a lot of money for a pair of slippers but let me know if you think they are worth it after reading my review down below. Vibergs shoes do not go into sale quite often, so if you want to buy these you probably will have to buy them second handed. But you may get lucky and find these in sale too.

Viberg Slippers Leather

These Viberg slippers are made of Japanese natural tan calf leather. Tannery is Dainichi in Japan. The leather has a natural tan colour but I feel like the leather did not develop a patina as I hoped it would do. The leather is exceptionally durable but also soft enough to be worn without any socks. (I know I have said before that I would never wear any shoes without socks, but these were different) They are comfortable with or without socks and when I used them to go to the beach, I did not wear any socks with it. The inside is fully lined with kip leather too, so it makes it easier to wear without socks.  

Viberg Slippers Construction

The upper is whole cut designed, only one piece of leather is used to construct the upper and then combined at the back. That gives the slippers a more minimalistic look and makes it easier to care for.  

The toe area is unconstructed and personally this is my first pair of shoes that has unconstructed toe area and I love how it looks now. These Viberg slippers have encouraged me to get more unconstructed toes. I love how the leather has been rolled around the toe area. Many of the North American heritage brands such as White’s boots (Although it is now Japanese owned), or Viberg has boots and shoes with unconstructed toes. But many of the British brands do not offer this and even if they do, they do not do it well. 

Viberg Slippers Sizing

Now, many of you are here for the sizing. I know that a lot of people have difficulties when they are buying Viberg slippers because of the size. Now, everyone’s feet are different in terms of width, length, and shape. So, what I tell you just should be benchmarked.  

I have my Viberg Slippers in size 10.5. I usually wear UK 11/US 12 for regular sneakers and trainers. I wear UK11 for Tricker’s 4497 Last, and UK 10.5 for 4444 last. I wear US 11D for White’s boots and Viberg 11 for my Viberg 2030 Last. Although, Viberg 2030 normal width is a bit narrow for me. For Alden, I wear US 11.5. 

These Viberg slippers are made in 2010 last, and this is a slipper specific last. There are other Viberg slippers that use 2030 lasts but they are usually for horsebutt leather. I do agree that 2010 last is very difficult to size, but I am unsure how to size for 2030 last slippers 

Now, let me tell you how these fit. They fit perfectly with thin or even with thick socks. They are comfortable and I do not have heel slippage. One thing that is a problem is when I wear them without socks. They do have a bit of heel slippage. The Viberg slippers fit perfectly even without shoes when I first got them, but as I wear them more and more, the leather stretched. I did not think it would stretch out a lot like this. But it did for me. I did not try size Viberg 10 but if I could, I would. I will just endure the pain at the beginning for a bit and wait for the leather to stretch out. However, that of course depends on the material that it is built with. You know that Cordovan or horse leather does not stretch out or get loosen with wear. Also, I think leather is stretchier than other types of leather.  

Also, if you have a lot of shoes in your rotation, I do not think you need to worry too much about leather stretching out. 

Viberg Slipper Soles

The soles on these Viberg slippers are leather soles. Some people asked me how to keep the leather soles longer even if I wore them a lot. If you can see the heel area is all worn out but not the forepart of the soles. The leather soles need to be taken care of too just like the upper. Maybe, around once every 3 months I would moisturize and care for the soles. I like to use either Saphir Renovateur or Venetian shoe cream. But you can buy leather sole protectors or ointment to use on the soles. They mimic the vegetable tanning chemical, so it is better for the leather soles. Personally, I find regular moisturizers do the same job. One thing to be careful of is that once you have used it, the soles become a tiny bit slippery so you need to wear them for a bit until you can walk on them again.  


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