Living in the UK, Tricker’s is not difficult to see on the street and also it is a popular choice for fine shoes. I had these Stows for a while and now I can say I have worn them enough times through my rotation to review them.

Stow is one of Tricker’s most popular models. Stows are brogue derby boots. When you see any stores with Tricker’s in their stocklist, you will definitely see Stow in their collection. You can also find a shoe version of the Stow called Bourton as well, or maybe Stow is a boots version of Bourton.

Tricker’s Stow Sizing

Tricker's Stow Brogues Boots

I am sure many of my readers came in here to look at the sizing fist. These Stows are made in 4497S last. On Tricker’s website, it says to take your true to size for this last. However, these Tricker’s Stows are in UK11. I usually take UK10.5 or UK11 for shoes and boots depending on the brand. Tricker’s Stows felt a bit big at first. But as I wear it more and more, it seems that the sizing is good. I know that UK10.5 will fit me well too because I have Burford in UK10.5 and it fits me. They are made of the same last. 

I can say that I wear both sizes very comfortably. It really depends on your feet size and your sock choices too. So if you want something that fits you perfectly, go for your usual dress shoe size. If you want your boots to feel a bit spacious or if you have slightly wider feet, go for half a size up.

It’s a pain to figure out the right size for your shoes, so check out my Master Size chart for a reference!

Tricker’s Stow Soles

Tricker's Stow Suede

My Tricker’s Stows have Dainite soles. I know I said I love Dainite soles, but recently I slipped in a pub with Dainite soles. In all fairness it was a very wet surface and I was going down the stairs. So maybe whatever I was wearing, I was going to slip. 

If you want Tricker’s Stow in other soles. You can find Stows in leather soles, Commando soles and Ridgeway soles. I love that Tricker’s use different kinds of soles on their shoes because I don’t see this with other English brands and we need to change the soles ourselves. They do not usually make shoes in different soles. 

Tricker’s Stow is made with Goodyear storm welted construction. All of the Tricker’s shoes are Goodyear welted and that means you can always send them back for a repair for the soles.

Tricker’s Stow Leather

My Tricker’s Stow is made of suede leather and the colour is called “Earth Ox”. The suede colour on the Stow is amazing, because the colour looks different depending on the light in the room. When I take a photo outside or if I look at my Tricker’s Stows from outside, the suede looks “earthy” , almost a moss colour. If I take a photo inside the suede looks green. I will try to put photos of these Tricker’s Stow to show you guys as much as possible.

The lining on the Tricker’s Stow is very soft and makes it very comfortable to wear these. Tricker’s use calfskin as their lining and it helps a lot with the comfort of the shoes. Also lining means that if you want to wear them with bare feet, it won’t be uncomfortable. I mean, I don’t recommend you to wear these in bare feet though!

The stitching on the upper leather is all double stitched. That means that the uppers are held strong and durable. The uppers will last you a lifetime, as long as you take care of it right.

If you ever follow Tricker’s Instagram, they post great repair photos of their shoes. Even if your shoes are damaged from your dogs or ripped with a nail, they seem like they will replace the leather and repair your shoes for you. So go ahead and wear your shoes as much as you can!

The leather comes in different colours and styles with Tricker’s Stow. Tricker’s manufactures Stow in calf leather, suede, olivvia leather and even kudu leather. Just like the various leather types, there are a lot of colours that we can choose. So have a look if you are interested in buying Tricker’s Stow boots.

Tricker’s Stow Shank

Tricker’s Stow uses wooden shank for all of their shoes. These wooden shanks are located in the bottom of your feet to support your boots and shoes. You probably already know why the shanks are important, but for those who don’t, shanks are there to protect and support your feet from fatigue. Also one thing I love about wooden shanks are that they are airport friendly. I used to travel a lot, and it’s convenient to know that you do not need to take off your shoes in the airport. (of course during the pandemic, it’s harder to).

Tricker’s Stow Brogue pattern

I have to say I love brogues and I just love the pattern on brogues. They are enjoyable to look at and give a lot of decorative look when we wear them. The brogues used to serve purpose during rainy days, but nowadays, they are more for a decorative purpose. 

The pattern on the Tricker’s Stow is very unique to Tricker’s and other brogues from Tricker’s such as Bourton have similar patterns. I have reviewed this pattern on Tricker’s Bowood review, so please have a look if you are interested!

Tricker’s Stow Price

Tricker’s Stow price is 495 GBP on Tricker’s official website. The price of the Tricker’s Stow has actually increased in recent years, because I remember seeing these at a cheaper price. But what we need to consider is, if the price is reasonable and worth it?

There are several factors that we always need to consider. Material used to make Tricker’s, labour used to make Tricker’s, How well are the boots made?, Will the boots last us a lifetime or at least a very long time?, Do you like the design and most importantly Do you like the shoes?

Few of the lists above are subjective and others are objective. I can guarantee you that the materials used and the construction method used to make Tricker’s Stows are immaculate. But others are very subjective to you. They will last you a very long time if you care for them properly, so in my opinion, they are very worth it to purchase.

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