How good is Thursday boot Captain boots with Terracotta leather?

I think Thursday boot is a shoemaker that everyone talks about and you probably heard of them.

I know people who love Thursday Boot, I also know people who hate them.

All in all, I really wanted to try their boots and I think I finally got the chance to try them out. What stopped me from buying these boots were shipping fee and various tax that they charged at the UK border. 

Which is often a ridiculous amount for something cheaper than these boots.

Luckily, I was able to find a reseller in Ebay for these boots.

The original price is $199 on their website. 

Which I think is amazing considering that they kept their price the same for a very long time. Also, currently during the inflation when other boot companies are increasing their price, they are keeping it the same.

As a brief explanation, Thursday boot is an American clothing company that is based in New York. Majority of their boots are produced in Mexico except for some lines that are produced in the USA.

Thursday boot Captain boots outsoles

Thursday boots use studded rubber outsole that looks like Dainite soles. However, I think these are much more slippery compare to regular Dainite. I used to love Dainite soles but recently, they have betrayed me on wet surfaces. Yes, if it’s wet it’s slippery anyway, but it’s like you are on ice when you are wearing these during a rainy season.

Other than that I would say the outsoles are superb. They feel very durable and on any other surfaces it’s great.

The outsoles are goodyear welted on to the upper. that mean it can be refurbished after you wear the outsoles off.

Thursday boot - Captain Boots Terracotta leather

Thrusday Boot Captain boots leather

Thursday boot uses full-grain leather on these boots. In short they are stating that it’s a good quality leather. The leather feels more like a nubuck on these and the leather did not require any break-in. It was instantly comfortable out of the box.

Thursday boots uses a very soft glove leather for their lining. I mean the lining on these Thursday boot is very soft to be fair. I did not get any blisters and I don’t think I will from these captain boots.

Thursday Boot Captain Boots upper

Thursday boot - Captain Boots Terracotta leather

The upper on Thursday boots are pretty solid. I can see that they used triple stitching on the cap-toes, although it’s a fake cap-toes. Quadruple stitching on the vamp and overall really solid upper construction.

There are two speed hooks and 5 eyelets on these Terracotta captain boots model. I know other models from Thursday boot have 7 eyelets.

There is cork-bed midsoles that will form to your feet and Poron insoles that is very comfortable.

Thursday boot Captain Boots Sizing

Sizing on the Thursday boot Captain Boots is 11.5 D. I usually wear US 11 D or E for North American boots and UK 10.5 or UK 11 for British shoes and boots.

On their website, it is advised take the boots size half a size down from your sneaker size.

That is simply not true.

I normally wear US12 with Nike, and they fit perfect. Of course with some models they fit more tight. 

11.5 D on Thursday boot captain boots fit great with the heel, vamp and the flex point. However, they are too long. There is a lot of space in front of my big toes. 

Did not get the chance to try 11 E, but I would think that 11 E would fit so much better for my feet. 

Is Thursday Boot worth it?

I would say they are worth their price. (Apart from the sizing, this can be fixed)

Their construction is solid. I don’t see any quality control issues that I saw from other brands. 

The boots are goodyear welted. That means that they are durable, waterproof and resoleable. 

Thursday Boots are really comfortable to wear. The insoles gives a huge boost with the comfort. However, I am unsure if this will last long time once they are worn for a long time. 

I will update this once I wear them more often.

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