If you follow my Instagram, I am sure you already found out that my favourite type of boots are chelsea boots. I love Chelsea boots because they are easy to put on and off and they look great with any outfits including casual jeans and formal suits. Also they can be worn on any occasions. Well, I guess certain types of chelsea boots can look weird to wear with suits. But not with the chelsea boots that I am about to show you.

Today I will review black calf Loake Chatsworth chelsea boots

Loake is a British shoemaker from Northampton. Northampton is a main area for shoemakers in the UK where many popular shoemakers such as Tricker’s, Church’s and Barker are located . Just like them, Loake also has a very rich history. Loake was founded by John, William and Thomas Loake, who are brothers in 1880. Until 2021, they have been producing many great shoes and are still going very strong.

It seems like a lot of people don’t really know about Loake or even if they do, they don’t have much opinion about it. I think that they are really undervalued for what they are. I think that their 1880 line gives more than what you pay for and also, they are very consistent with their quality. Also their price is not too expensive and it’s a great brand for people who want to get into Goodyear welted shoes.  

Loake Chatsworth Black Chelsea Boots

You don’t really see their shoes online. I do blame their lack of aggressive advertisement on social media. It’s a shame because I believe that the quality of their shoes are great for their price and they still offer Goodyear welted shoes.

I purchased the Loake Chatsworth Chelsea boots in December 2019, in the UK. I went to visit my family and picked up a pair of boots during the Christmas holiday. It was in 2019, so traveling was easier. I am sure a lot of people miss that day, let’s hope that we are able to travel again soon!

Loake 1880

Loake 1880 line is their “Premium” production line, where shoes and boots are produced in the UK. They have sales quite often, so check their Website to grab nice deals. They also have another level of production line above this called Loake 1880 Legacy. I personally think that the difference between the two lines is not huge, but the quality difference between any production line lower than this is not premium at all. If you are searching to buy good quality goodyear welted shoes, I would recommend you to choose from the Loake 1880 line.

Loake Chatsworth Sizing

The size of the Loake Chatsworth Chelsea boots are UK 11G. I got the size UK 11 because I have another pair of chelsea boots from Loake, Mitchum, in Size UK 10.5 and it didn’t fit very well. But Mitchum is in F-width and Loake Chatsworth is in G-width. Therefore these Loake Chatsworth chelsea boots are tiny bit spacious. But that’s a good thing because I can wear it with thick socks with no problem. I can also wear them with thin socks since the ankle area is tight so it’ll hold my feet well inside the shoes.

Even if the shoes are a bit spacious, I am not getting any heel slips or my feet don’t move around much inside the boots. Also I do not get any discomfort after a long time of wear and also the shoes are comfortable. That’s what matters right?!

In conclusion, I would recommend someone with a narrow width to go with half to full size down. If you have wide feet, go with your normal sneakers size for a better fit. I usually wear UK 11 in Sneakers, I wear UK 10.5 ~ UK 11 with any british made shoes.

This is their description from Loake’s website for the last used.: Last: Jockery “Jockey is a G width last which will suit customers with wider feet. The fit is generous both at the toe and generally. The toe shape is rounded and of standard length. Customers who would normally purchase F width styles may wish to select a half size smaller with this last shape.”

Loake Chatsworth Construction

Soles on Loake Chatsworth

Loake Chatsworth have British Made Dainite Soles. These rubber soles make it easier to wear the chelsea boots. The soles are goodyear welted on to the shoes therefore, it can be re-soled when the rubber soles are worn.

Loake Chatsworth 3-min
Loake Chatsworth Black Chelsea Boots

Pull taps on Loake Chatsworth

Loake Chatsworth chelsea boots have two pull taps on the front and the back of the boots. I believe pull taps are essential for chelsea boots and they need to be sturdy. The pull taps should not break or rip from the wear, because without them, it is so hard to put the boots on. So far after a year of wear, the pull taps are still great. 

Elastic bands on Loake Chatsworth

Loake Chatsworth chelsea boots have better elastic bands compared to Mitchum, which is another chelsea boots from Loake. If you watch my Youtube, you can see that my Mithchum’s elastic bands are not holding well. The elastic bands on these Loake Chatsworth feel much thicker and sturdier. The elastic band is also weaved, so I don’t think that it’ll go bad. 

Leather on Loake Chatsworth

Loake does not specify which leather is used on the shoes. I think these days it’s important to state what kind of leather is used. More and more people are educated about leather types and people want to know about it. I think the leather used is typical cow leather and the lining feels like it’s calf leather. The leather on Loake Chatsworth in Black is very soft and shines very nicely. 

Loake carries a lot of different types of Chatsworth, they carry leather, suede and waxed suede in black and brown colours, so please check them out if you are interested in these Loake Chatsworth. 

I love wearing these Loake Chatsworth and I want to try the waxed suede version for a more casual look on my feet. 

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