Are Grant Stone good quality boots? Are Grant Stone boots worth it? These are the questions I do get on my message sections from time to time. Most of the time I tell people that they are worth it and the quality of the boots are great. But there are a few things I want to say about them.

Well there are a few pros and cons.

Grant Stone Ottawa boots purchase

I purchased these Grant Stone boots directly from Since I lived in the UK, the delivery process was not like a domestic delivery. It was delivered with DHL and shipped from the USA. I had to pay extra import duties and VAT for these as well. 

The boots come in their own brown box and also with a set of leather laces.

Grant Stone Ottawa boots leather

The leather on these Ottawas are from Horween and the colour is cognac. To be honest, the leather on these Grant Stones are stiff at first and it takes a bit of time to get broken in. I have worn these for a while and it’s still a bit stiff to walk in them. However, the leather itself is beautiful. It also feels very durable as well.

Grant Stone makes Ottawa boots in various leather types. I personally love the look of the Kangaroo leather Ottawa boots and I am thinking of purchasing them soon.

Grant Stone Ottawa boots upper construction

The upper design is split-toe. As much as some people hate it, I love the look of the split-toe design. In my opinion, split-toe design is both formal and casual at the same time. I can wear split-toes with suits and also with jeans. Although these are in boot form, in my opinion it still has a bit of a formality to it. The inside lining is Kip leather. It’s very soft. Also contains leather insoles. I am in love with the upper design and thought these will be permanently in my collection.

However, there is one thing I want to mention about these ottawa boots. The instep with these boots were too tight. Honestly the length and the width on these are perfect, but the instep was too low for me. I don’t particularly have high instep, because it was never a problem for me with other boots. Also, my other Grant Stone does not have the same problem. After prolonged wear, it hurts the top of my feet. 

It could be only these boots that is a bit tight, and it could be due to the nature of the design. Sadly, I cannot wear these boots anymore and I will sell them to Adam at Abbot’s shoes.

Grant Stone Ottawa boots sizing.

The last used to make these Grant Stone Ottawa boots are Leo last. I have purchased these in US 11D, which was recommended on the website. The width and the length is spot on. They fit perfectly. However,as I have mentioned above, the instep is too low. My other Grant Stone boots, such as the diesel boots, do not have the same problem. So next time I purchase these, I will definitely pick a size bigger or a wider width to accommodate this issue.

Grant STone Ottawa Boots

Grant Stone Ottawa Boots outsoles

The welts on these are goodyear storm welted. I think the storm welts are a better fit for this than flat welts. Storm welts help the boots to be a bit more water proof and give the boots a more rugged look compared to flat welts.

The outsoles are studded outsoles made by Grant Stone. It has studs on the bottom and there is a Grant Stone logo as well. It has similar patterns as the dainite soles but are a tiny bit different. I did not have any problems with the outsoles.

What I like about the Grant Stone Ottawa Boots

I love the split-toe design. It looks very elegant and also casual at the same time.

The quality control on these boots are amazing, there is no flaws or marks when I received them.

I love the leather laces it comes with

What I think it should be improved with Grant Stone Ottawa Boots

The leather is could feel too stiff, but this can be resolved by buy different types of leather

The instep of the boots are lower than I expected. But this could be the qc of these boots. Could be resolved with getting a bit bigger size.

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