Common Projects Chelsea work boots review

You probably heard everyone talking about this brand and their shoes. Common projects’ shoes and boots are often included in people’s must have item lists and also have proved their great quality to many users. If you never heard about the brand, I will tell you all I know about their Chelsea boots. 

Common projects is a fashion company from the USA, with a relatively newer history compared with other shoemakers. Some shoemakers have 100 years of history and often it means that the quality of their shoes were great for the business to last over 100 years. But, common projects absolutely nailed it with their great marketing and quality products. Common projects boots and sneakers are liked by people who are into fashion or not and you will be able to find them easily from any of the clothing retailers. 

Now, if you want something that will last you a lifetime and something that you can fix them over and over again, this is not the correct brand to look at. Have a look if you are in for something that you can wear casually and something that looks great. I know that the model name of the boots are called “Work boots” but these are definitely not for the “Work” that you are looking for. These are not for heavy duty labour that can handle the force and chemicals. They don’t have metal toes, or soles that will protect you from sharp objects. The model name is merely for the fashion sense, that it looks similar like work boots. 

Common projects chelsea boots Sizing

True to sneaker size.

Size up from regular dress shoes

These Common projects chelsea boots are EU 45 or UK 11size and they fit perfectly, not too tight, not too loose, perfect. Chelsea boots are often difficult to get the size perfectly right because they don’t have laces. I would say these chelsea boots fit true to size. I usually wear Size UK 11 or EU 45 size shoes and boots when I wear sneakers and you need to follow the same size. I cannot say that is true for Common projects sneakers, but the chelsea boots are true to your sneaker size. If you are wondering about other shoe sizes, check out my Master size chart for more information. 

As a reference I wear UK 10.5 for most Goodyear welted dress shoes and boots. 

Common project Chelsea boots

Are Common projects Chealsea boots Goodyear welted?

Well no, they cannot be resoled with a goodyear welting construction method. But if your cobbler can hand stitch them. They can be resoled. I went to my cobbler and asked him if these can be resoled, but the method he have to use is time consuming so it would be economical for me to buy a new pair of boots. What a shame.

Common projects chelsea boots overall

The outsoles on these are made of crepe rubber. There are mixed opinions about crepe soles. Personally, I absolutely love them. They are more for casual wear, but they are super comfortable and great for most terrains. I think they use good quality rubber as their outsoles, because even after many years of usage, the soles didn’t crack or uncomfortable to wear. They are still bouncy and feel comfortable. 

The elastics on the side also feels like a good quality material. If you watch my Loake Mitchum video, you can see that those have sub-par quality elastic bands on the side. Those elastic bands don’t look great and I can say that I wouldn’t buy another pair with low quality elastic bands. But these are great so far and hopefully stays like that. 

The boots also feature two white pull tabs which now became dirty. The pull tabs are still holding well and serve their purpose of assisting me to put the boots on.

All in all, I think the Common projects boots are really good quality boots and they look great too. Sadly, I don’t think they are Goodyear welted, but!!! How many of us actually refurbished boots many times? So far, I have only done one. I think I can handle one none-goodyear welted boots.

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