Top 3 Dress shoes Koreans love to wear

Let’s have a look at what kind of dress shoes that are popular in Korea. I have prepared three types of dress shoes that I think are popular in Seoul, Korea. While working in the centre of business in Seoul, Gangnam, I see many people in business every day, and it seems like these are the top 3 dress shoes that they enjoy to wear.

Number 1, Dress shoes in Korea


Oh man, Koreans love loafers. There is a stereotype that Asians prefer not to have laces when it comes to choosing shoes. It could be because we are lazy or because it is more comfortable. Anyway, you can see a lot of people wearing penny or tasseled loafers as their dress shoes. 

Loafers are indeed comfortable during scorching summer weather in Korea, and except for the winter, people can wear this with thick socks and should still be okay. You will be able to see loafers with more younger generation people.

When it comes to loafers, it seems like people do not mind if the material is suede or leather. We see various kinds of loafers with different materials. People enjoy brands such as Dr. Martens, or Tods.

Number 2, Dress shoes in Korea

Derbies or Gibsons

Plain toe or capped toe derby shoes are the second most frequently sighted shoes I have found in Korea. These are easy to wear with any dress codes and can be effortlessly polished. You will be able to see “cobblers” in Korea on the side of the street. They are not like traditional cobblers that you can see, but they will polish your shoes using a machine and will be able to fix simple shoe problems.

Number 3, Dress shoes in Korea

Like derbies or gibsons, Oxfords can be quickly shined and suitable with any kind of dress code. Oxfords are a popular choice among anyone for dress shoes and can be worn during any weather.

For both derbies and oxfords, black or dark brown leather is preferred and seems like leather soles are not popular in Korea. I do understand why it’s not popular. Since most of the city’s surfaces or buildings have floors like slippery tiles, leather soles can be very slippery. 

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