1. Hiker Boot Horween Black CXL

Viberg Hiker boots Panchena bay. Made with 9220 last, which fits similarly to the 2030 last. Half a size down or full side down from your Brannock measurement would be necessary.

Has Commando soles and is 360 degree goodyear welted.

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2.Service Boot C F Stead Husk Eco Oiled Culatta 2030

C.F. Stead Husk Eco Oiled Culatta

Vamp Lining: Tan Kip

Tongue: Self Smooth

Tongue: Set-in

Toe Cap Option: Brogue Toe

Eyelet: 9 Antique Brass

Last: 2030

Box Toe: Leather Toe Puff

Production: Stitch Down

Midsole: Natural Leather Midsole

Sole Stitch: Brown Sole Stitch

Sole: Ridgeway Brown

Awesome build in 2030 last. Must have leather choice for this winter.

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