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I recently visited Prague, Czech republic as a tour. I had a great time, but most of all I wanted to check where is the best place to buy denim and most importantly goodyear welted boots. 

I searched online, where would be the best place to visit. I came across a shop called Denim heads online. They are based in central part of Prague.

I loved visiting Prague, it’s a place where beer flows and food is good.

The actual address of Denim Heads is Konviktská 30, 110 00 Staré Město, Czechia. So if you are interested visited their place!

In front of Denim Heads

Denim Heads was not hard to find, it is located in the centre and it’s in a quite open area. They have a unique horse head in front of the shop, so you won’t be able to miss it.

In front of Denim Heads

I did like how they decor the horse head differently sometimes. If you search Denim Heads online, you can sometimes see different types of horse heads.

You can also see Denim Heads advertising their brand “Fraga” on this picture.

Inside Denim Heads

Inside Denim Heads

If you walk pass the denims, you are able to see a lot of boots. After all, this is the reason why I wanted to visit this shop. 

They have range of red wing boots, and on the other corner they also had other brands such as Vibergs, John Lofgren in stock.

Vibergs, Alden, John Lofgren

They had a lot of different boots, but they do not run in full size ranges as they are sold out. But you are able to see some boots that you are not able to find online.

Leather Jackets in Denim Heads

Denim heads also carries a lot of different leather jackets in their store. I saw many that would be nice on me, but sadly I didn’t buy any of the leather jackets there.

Leather jackets in Denim heads

Also you are able to see different kinds of shirts too.

Denim heads decor

They had really great decoration everywhere, I loved the horse made of leather. I see that Denim heads love horse as their mascot.

You can also see in the corner that they have beer glasses as their decoration as well. It really brings up the Czechia culture and also in a way very unique.

If you are in Czech and if you want to purchase some rare leather jackets and boots, or even denim and jeans. I would recommend you to give a visit to Denim heads in Prague. 

The staff seemed very busy taking photos, so I did not have a lot of chance to talk to them. But I did not mind, I don’t really like talking to staffs in shops anyway! They were friendly when I asked questions about some stuff.

Their website is :

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