Cashmere brush is a brush that is made of goat hair. Specifically, goats named Cashmere goat. These goats are native to Indian region and produce fine and soft hair. Cashmere wool is usually suitable for sweaters and jumpers, but they can also be made for your shoe brushes. Cashmere brush is typically popular among pro-shoeshiners around the world.

Cashmere brush from Afinepairofshoes
Cashmere brush from afinepairofshoes

Today I have a Cashmere brush I bought from A fine pair of shoes. is a shoes and accessories retail store from the UK and I often purchase products from their website. I purchased their own brand Cashmere brush for 15 GBP. (that is around 20 USD with 2021 February currency rate) On their website they said their own brand brush is made in Germany and it’s made of Cashmere fur.

The Cashmere brush is very soft and used for the final buffing and polishing part of shoeshine. When you want that fine high-gloss, mirror-like look on your shoes with no dust, use the Cashmere brush on your shoes. Because the Cashmere brush is really soft and dense they do not leave any streak of marks that often horse hair brushes leave. Cashmere brush can also be used on delicate clothes to get rid of dust and hair. 

Watch my unboxing video of Cashmere brush and Big Horsehair brush down below!

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