Viberg Boots Marrone Sego Horsebutt boots

Viberg has released two boots made of Marrone Sego horsebutt from Maryam tannery. Maryam tannery is a tannery in Italy and they produce many beautiful leather types.

Two boots Viberg has made two boots one in 2040 last and one in 2030 last.

The 2040 last Marrone Sego does not have cap toes, has commando outsoles and double outsole stitching

The 2030 last Marrone Sego has cap toes decorations, Dainite outsoles and also made with stitchdown construction

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Service Boot® 2040 - Marrone Sego Horsebutt
Service Boot® 2030 BCT - Marrone Sego Horsebutt