How is it third week of July already? Time literally flies, because we are having so much fun.

This week’s cool new releases are Viberg Oxfords, Mystery Sock Box and Epperson Bag with Nasa Tags

1. Viberg Oxfords

We have Viberg new releases every week, I guess it’s because they are one of the best shoes in the world. 

Viberg has releases a limited release of their 145 oxfords. Well technically speaking they are derbies, but these will do.

First is the Rowdy Dachshund 145 Oxfords in 2030 last. It’s made with stitch down method and with British ridgeway soles.

Second is my personal favourite 145 Oxfords in Saddly tan Chromepak. It’s also made of stitchdown method and uses Vibram Tygum outsoles.

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2. Epperson Mountaineering Large Climb Tote w/ Vintage Nasa Patch Clay

A new climb totes have been released at Clutch-cafe. The brand is Epperson and it looks amazing. Made of water resistant nylon and looks suitable for this summer.

It’s 20.5L in capacity, with 1 internal pocket and military grade nylon webbing for durability. Also it’s made in USA. 

Have a further look with this link

Image from Clutch Cafe

3. Mystery socks

Sometimes, you just want other people to pick socks for you. If you feel like getting amazing quality socks at cheap price, have a look at this Mystery socks by American Trench. 

Click the link here

Image from American Trench