Experience pure vintage style with the SS24 Presale – Wabash Engineer Boots Horween CXL Black and SS24 Presale – Wabash Engineer Boots Horween CXL Natural from Brooklyn Clothing Co. 

The makers of these boots take pride in their meticulous and stringent process of boot making. Using trademark materials and legendary leather to make these boots, it will give you a fashion experience like never before!

Images from brooklynclothing.com

With its patented legendary Chromexcel leather, it’s simply a no-brainer when choosing boots. Chromexcel or CXL, in short, makes it through the tanning and quality control process. Complete with oils and waxes, this allows the hides to have reliable durability, longevity, and depth of color. 

Taking care of it is also as easy as pie. Just give the boot a brush here and there to blend in the scuffs and voila, you are back in style!

These boots come in two colors – natural and black. Each of them suited to tailor and cater your fashion needs. 

Buy these pre-sale boots now and experience style like never before!