I think John Lofgren really makes good looking boots. That are worn very nicely. 

You are able to find really nice john Lofgren boots from Lost and found.

You can get John Lofgren M-43 Service boots in Shinki Hikaku black Tea-core horsebutt leather with munson last and vibram cork outsoles

Or if you want something more chunky, you can get the John Lofgren engineer boots in black CXL leather and Vibram outsoles.

John Lofgren Boots are made in Japan by Japanese artisans and I can promise you they are going to last for a life time if you take care of them correctly. 

These two black leather boots are well suitable for your next addition to your shoe collection.  

M-43 Service Shoes Shinki Hikaku Black/Tea-Core Horsebutt
Wabash Engineer Boots Horween CXL Black