If you are actively searching for a pair of boots fit for everyday use, look no further than the John Lofgren Duke Roper Boots in Shinki Hikaku Horsebutt Timber from Lost & Found. Made from premium materials and construction, these boots are made to last for years to come.

Image from shoplostfound.com

These pair of boots typify a classic roper design that is perfect for both casual and formal occasions. As with all versatile boots, this one is no exception. Resoling and extending its lifespan is also not an issue.

To add to being durable and stylish, these boots are extremely comfortable. With its full-grain leather lining and a cushioned cork footbed, you’ll feel that it is as if you wore something that’s hugging your feet.

In any situation, these boots are a no-brainer. Having them is a perfect choice. They’re durable, stylish, comfortable, and are built to last.