Jim Green has launched a new boot silhouette called Numzaan Boots. Numzaan means leader of a family, and these feels like they are some serious boots.

The upper is double layered with 2.2mm outer shell and 1.6mm lining. So that makes the boots really thick, and durable. 

Not only that, the boots have genuine cap toes with another layer of 2.2mm leather. The midsoles are also leather. The boots are made with double stitchdown method, so after you wear them down you are able to get them refurbished for a new pair of outsoles. 

If you are also interested in creating beautiful patina with boots, the uppers are made of natural veg tan leather. So I would say these are the best that Jim Green has made so far.

If you are interested click on the links below.

Jim Green Numzaan Boots Natural Veg Tan

Jim Green Numzaan Boots Walnut Veg Tan 

Numzaan Boot – Natural Veg Tan
Numzaan Boot – Walnut Veg Tan