Budget Goodyear Welted shoes under $200

Just like you, I love to buy shoes and boots that are cheap and long lasting. Goodyear welted shoes are longer lasting and can be easily refurbish / repaired. That means theoretically speaking, goodyear welted shoes and boots will last you a life time if you take a good care of them. However, goodyear welted shoes are usually expensive and also the price will add up depending on the leather, shoemaker and also different outsoles. 

I will try to find as many goodyear welted shoes under $200 and try to post it on my blog. It will take a bit of time but I want to help out everyone.

Today, I will show you goodyear welted boots that I have found online. 

Nomad boots by Dievier

Dievier’s Nomad boots are made in North America with premium materials. They are fairly new to the market but features amazing looking shoes and boots. 

They currently hold three colours, cognac, midnight and olive. they are all made of waxed suede and currently cost $180. Click on the colour to check out the products!

What I love about Dievier Nomad boots are they have cork footbed and oil resistant soles. The cork footbed will eventually mold to the shape of your feet and become comfortable. 

They also feature veg tan lining and veg tan insoles.

Unlike other brands that make shoes with plastic and materials that doesn’t last long, it seems like Dievier is made of more durable materials. Now we need someone like Rose Anvil to just cut them in half!

Is Dievier legit?

Yes Dievier is a legitimate business that produces quality boots in budget price. For now, they are very new to the market but their products seem to be in great quality.

Is Dievier Nomad worth it?

Yes Dievier Nomad is worth it because it features goodyear welted outsoles, leather upper, leather insoles, leather lining and also has cork outsoles. Those are all the elements in boots and shoes that will make them last a very long time!