When push comes to shove, you sometimes need to radiate your personal feeling of style without compromising quality and comfort. A couple of stylish exotic leather skin shoes for men is indeed an attention-getter. Handmade leather shoes created from premium exotic animal skins separate you from others, with a luster, texture, and finishing virtually unequalled. 

There are many types of exotic leather shoes that you can find on the market, with most being incredibly stylish and comfortable. There will always be one for you to enjoy and be happy with.

Alligator, snake, Lizard, Ostrich, kangaroo leather, among others, are just a few examples of exotic leather skins. As another option for the typical calf leather, they deserve a closer look.

Keep on reading to learn more about exotic leather shoes that you can find on the market.

Why exotic leather?

Every man should own a few pairs of quality shoes. From everyday work shoes, a comfortable pair of boots, an excellent pair of sneakers, and even a pair of exotic animal shoes. 

Shoes aren’t just something that you slip on your feet. Instead, they’re a fashion statement. It is one of the ways for you to inject your personal touch and style to your wardrobe. Shoes also determine your first impression on others. 

With a variety of styles to choose from, exotic leather shoes are indeed a game setter. There are classic styles like the Oxford or the Loafer, to boots, to have a modern twist on sneakers. Most shoe connoisseurs would agree that it’s not merely about the style of the shoe. Instead, it’s what message or impression the shoe conveys. Every pair of exotic leather shoes are unique. Each pair of exotic animal skin shoes is handmade and delivers a one-of-a-kind footwear item that is unique to your outfits.

Alligator leather shoes

Alligator leather is used in many products, such as shoes, bags, and wallets. They have been one of the classic exotic leather types due to their durability and natural shiny scales. Also, the leather is very waterproof, since alligator’s habitat is near the swamp or river. The scale on the leather is square-shaped throughout the entire body, but the size of the square differs from place of the leather extraction. In my opinion, the angular scales make the shoes look more elegant and aesthetically pleasing. I prefer alligator leather more than the crocodile, which I will explain next

The photo is from Carmina Shoe-makers, their alligator tassle loafers

Crocodile leather shoes

People are often confused with the difference between alligators and crocodiles because they are both similar looking reptiles with dangerous snouts and their long tails. The most common way to distinguish the two animals is that alligators have U-shaped snouts, and crocodiles have V-shaped snouts.

The snout is not the only difference between the two reptiles. Crocodile leather is very different from alligator leather in terms of their shape and texture. Crocodile leather is coarser and has more round shape scales on the leather. Also, the leather is less shiny compared to alligator leather. In terms of popularity, crocodile leathers are usually higher in demand.

Carmina Shoe-makers, their Crocodile Monk Straps

Other reptile leather shoes

Reptile leather shoes include lizard leather, snake leather, and other reptiles. Each type of reptile has unique types of scale patterns. Reptiles are not farmed on a big scale like cows, and since most reptiles have a tiny usable area, they are scarce and high valued. Compared to cowhide, reptile leather is stiffer, so shoe-makers need highly skilled artisans to produce reptile leather shoes.

Carmina Shoe-maker, Women's Snake leather Jodhpurs Boots

Ostrich Leather shoes

Ostriches are big birds native to Africa. Ostriches are known to be tall, run fast and not being able to fly. The leather that comes from ostriches are very durable, and also eye-catching to the users. Ostrich leather also has abundant natural oil; the oil in the leather prevents the leather from drying out quickly and cracking. Ostrich leather has a unique pattern. Consumers can see where the feathers used to be with the plucked pattern on the leather. 

Ostrich leather shoes from Crockett and Jones

Shark skin leather shoes

Sharks have denticles or rough and hard scales. Most of the time, these denticles are ground down to make the shark leather more pliable and smoother. With this process, it gives the shark leather its pebbled appearance. Untanned skins are called shagreen. It is an encompassing term that also includes untanned leather from other exotic skin sources.

Sharkskin leather shoes are sturdy and robust. It’s so tough that woodworkers once used shark leather as sandpaper. Despite being shaved and ground down, the denticles aid the leather in avoiding scratches and scuffs. 

Because sharks live underwater, their skin tends to be water-resistant. It’s no surprise that these shoes could withstand water.

Elephant leather shoes

Elephant leather is an exotic leather that is extremely durable and thick. Aside from that, it has a coarse, rippled texture.

Elephant leather is indeed a one-of-a-kind leather as well. Due to the thick skins of elephants, it has earned its spot as one of the most durable types of exotic leather. Not only are elephant leather prized for footwear, but it is also used for many products like bags, wallets, and even upholsteries.

One important thing to understand is that genuine elephant leather is rare. Most brands that advertise elephant leather are often artificial elephant leather. It is usually cowhide that is embossed with elephant leather markings.

The rarity of elephant leather makes it one of the most prized possessions for shoe connoisseurs.

Kangaroo leather shoes

An inconceivably slender and usually lightweight yet resistant leather, kangaroo is an exceptionally well known exotic leather. In any case, kangaroos are so commonly seen in Australia that they’re not cultivated. They are, however, pursued both their hides and meat. 

Given its one-of-a-kind qualities, kangaroo leather is most famous for motorcycle and sportswear apparel. Thanks to its lightweight resistance and breathable properties, it’s a perfect decision for sports shoes like motorcycle suits. 

Be that as it may, kangaroo leather is, to some degree, rarer for dress shoes despite its similarity to cowhide and cost-effectiveness. This is likely since most kangaroo cowhide is chromium-tanned, which is certainly not an especially attractive treatment for premium shoes. 

Owning a pair of exotic leather shoes is indeed an achievement that only a few can meet. Despite this, a couple of these shoes can speak volumes about your style and personal preferences. These shoes are worth keeping in your wardrobe despite its price tag because of the inherent qualities that are often lacking in regular cowhide shoes. However, please do make sure you purchase from a company that supplies exotic leather through sustainable and ethical sources.

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