Weekend Bag Recommendation 1: Billykirk

I think I never used to care about how important a good bag is when I was younger. To be honest I just put whatever I can anywhere, never organized anything. But now I feel like I appreciate more about how important a good bag is when I travel or even to store stuff inside.

Today I want to show you a recommendation from a brand called Billykirk. Founded by two brothers Chris and Kirk Bray. Billykirk produces all American made bags and leather goods that will last you a very long time. 

The bag I want to show you today is No. 479 19 Inch Carryall bags.

Carryall bags, as the name suggests, it is designed to carry as many things as possible in them.

These bags are actually 19 inches big, so it’s not too big or too small right in the medium size range. Also, 20 ounce waxed canvas is used, so it’s pretty darn tough I would say.

The bags also has organization pockets with key chain link inside. I think this is a very nice touch from them and helps you to store anything you want in there.

They come in Three colours, Tan, Olive and Black. If you are interested click on the links here

Billykirk No. 479 Carryall Olive

Billykirk No. 479 Carryall Tan

Billykirk No. 479 Carryall Black

No. 479 19" Carryall (Image via billykirk.com)