Helm boots is an American brand and it was founded in Austin, Texas in 2009. It’s fairly new to the shoe market, but I would say that they are increasing their presence fairly quickly. Their brand goal is to create a boot that is versatile, timeless and functional – able to be worn in the workshop or boardroom.

The original founder of the company is a guy named Joshua Bingaman. He is an Oklahoma native and also if you look at his history, you can see that he is pretty great at business. Before Helm’s boot, he also opened a coffee business and before this he and his brother opened a shoe store which they successfully sold. How cool is this?

Joshua Bingaman, image is from Beardbrand.

The boots were originally produced in Turkey, and then Helm boots moved their production to Maine, in the USA. You can also see some of the shoes are currently manufactured from Brazil. Like this Zind Boots, one of their newest released models, is made in Brazil. One thing I realised about Helm boots is that they produce boots in many different colours. The Zind boot comes in 5 different colours: black, brown, natural, teak and olive. We can also see that other models are produced in many different colours too. Personally, I like brands that produce boots in many different colours because it gives us more choices. If anyone paid attention during economics class, choices are always favourable for customers. (Maybe not so much for the brand).

To show you some of the models, here are the photos of the boots. Clicking on the images will enlarge the photos.

Images from Helmboots.com

One thing that we need to know is that the boots are not goodyear welted. Helm boots currently produce boots and shoes in Blake Rapid stitched method. Now, some people may think that this is not acceptable, but no need to worry because they are still resolable and still provides durability. It’s just that the stitching method is different. Blake rapid stitching, stitches the insole, outer leather of the boots and also the outsoles together. So it does not have a welt like goodyear welt construction. 

Currently, Helm boots have two leather suppliers: Horween and Bermudez leather. Horween is a tannery from the USA, and Bermudez is a tannery from Dominican Republic. Helm boots also says that they use full grain side cow leather on their shoes. That means that the leather is from the toppest part of the skin and it’s very durable.

When I look at Helm boots I noticed that they have unique white midsoles for all of their boots. I have not seen brands with white midsoles. The white midsoles are made of rubber composite. The white midsoles will add extra comfort for your wear.

Helm boots have something called a style quiz. This is a series of quizzes that you can take to find out what your perfect pair of boots will be. I did mine and I got Zind boots. Try it and tell me what you have got!

What I like about Helm boots

1 If you sign up to their email address, you are able to receive 15% off from your first order from Helm boots. So it would be a great way to try on their boots for the first time with a discount.

2. They offer a wide range of sizes from 6 to 16. Of course for bigger sizes, the stocks will run out fairly quickly, so grab them quickly!

3. As I have mentioned above, they offer a variety of colours too. I think this is important for a lot of people, including me, to choose their correct pair of shoes. 

4. They currently offer a variety of other products too on their website, like socks, hats, t-shirts. 

5. They have something called Style-quiz, this is something you can do to find out what is your perfect pair of boots from Helm boots will be.

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