Abbot’s Shoes: If you are into quality shoes and boots you will agree that you have searched online for a good deal on second hand shoes and boots. Often I get very good boots at a good price online on websites like E-bay and Vinted. But these websites could often be very hard to use. There are scammers who won’t send your shoes and get the money. If you are a seller you need to constantly fight with people who will buy your product and claim they are faulty. I know, because I use these websites too. What if I tell you there is a place you can relax and just buy and sell?

Today, I am going to introduce an amazing website:

Abbot's Shoes

So Abbot’s shoes is owned by a businessman called Adam. He is very nice and informative if you have any questions about the product that you are going to buy. From asking him about the motivation behind the business, he said this.

Abbot’s is a small online retailer of pre-owned shoes for Men and Women based in London in the UK. We are a relatively new company, established in 2019. We only sell quality shoes, with a focus on goodyear welted shoes, that are built to stand the test of time. As well as selling shoes, we also purchase and consign shoes directly through our website. We want to try and bring together like-minded consumers in order to help to extend the lifespan of Goodyear welted shoes. We hope to give our customers the opportunity to wear some of the world’s finest shoes at a more affordable price point and to give sellers the chance to cash in on shoes that may not be getting the wear they deserve.

The manufacturing of leather shoes is a major source of carbon emissions. The lack of high-quality and eco-friendly materials that can stand in for leather means it is important to make full use of leather goods. Wearing leather shoes for just 9 extra months, instead of buying a new pair, can drastically reduce the carbon, water and waste footprint by up to 30%.

We understand purchasing a pair of pre-owned shoes online may be a daunting new experience for many. Therefore, we authenticate, sanitize and if necessary restore all the shoes we sell so that they are ready to wear for our customers as soon as they receive them. We also try to show the condition of the shoes we sell as clearly as possible so customers know exactly what you are getting.

Some of our most popular brands are Edward Green, Crockett & Jones, Joseph Cheaney, John Lobb and Tricker’s.

If you would like any more information or have any questions I will be happy to help”

Actually, from talking to him I learnt a few new things that leather shoes do create carbon and even if the leather lasts long and it’s a by-product of meat consumption, it still requires a lot of refinement from the tannery. Also, if you wear your shoes and boots longer, it’ll help us to reduce carbon emission.

I purchased a lot of second handed shoes online and by I mean a lot, A LOT! Abbot’s shoes only carry genuine brands and never a fake brand. you can shop these shoes online by just clicking on each of the size sections and have a look.

It’s also very easy to sell shoes and boots to Abbot’s. You just take photos of the shoes and boots that you want to sell and send it to Abbot’s and they will tell you the price they will purchase. It could seem a bit low, but to be honest if I don’t have to fight people online and deal with customer service, I would not mind selling it with a bit of a discount. 

On a side note, Abbot’s shoes reminds me of a book called Abbot’s shoes, which is a great book about life. I would recommend you to read them.

Abbot's Shoes

Is Abbot’s shoes legit?

Yes, Abbot’s shoes is a legitimate business and they are safe to use. They carry genuine products and also at a very affordable price. 

Does Abbot’s shoes sell genuine products?

Yes, all the products that are online on Abbot’s are genuine! 

How many brands does Abbot’s shoes carry?

They carry more than 27 different types of shoe brands!

Does Abbot’s shoes sell female shoes?

Yes they do, have a look on their website!

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