Lanx shoes is a new strong entrance to the British shoe market. Lanx is an English shoe retail company based in Whalley, Lancashire. For some people, this is probably obvious from the name LANx. Lanx shoes is fairly new to the market and not as well known yet compared to the other traditional English shoemakers, but they offer a wide range of solid boots, shoes and sneakers.

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The founder of Lanx shoe company is Marco ‘Marv’ Vaghetti. I think he has one of the most fantastic background story on how he opened Lanx shoes. One day, he decided to go on an amazing trip around the world (sounds like mainly to Asia) and he learnt all the tips and tricks and secrets of shoemaking. He came back to his hometown in 2017 and founded Lanx. I think this is a pretty cool story if you ask me! 

Things I like about Lanx

  1. Lanx shoes are British made

I love that Lanx makes all of their shoes in the UK. Of course other countries have great shoemakers and high quality footwear brands. But, the UK shoemakers are known for their high standards. There are a few people who says that the standard for British made shoes, such as Church’s, are decreasing. But I still believe that British made shoes have great quality and they last very long. 

    2. Lanx provide a very wide range of products

Lanx shoes provide a very broad range of products. Mens, Womens, Formal shoes, Wedding shoes, sneakers you name it. The only thing that they don’t make are kids shoes and I have a feeling they are going to be making them soon anyway.

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Above photo is one of their most popular models. It is called “Tasker” and it is made of brown crazy cow leather. The leather is from Charles F Stead and they are well known for their quality. So as we can see that they use pretty amazing quality material for their boots.

The boots come with a cow engraved on the outsole and also have Lancashire rose engraved on the heel. Also, it seems like all of the Lanx shoes come with orange insoles too. Which I think it is pretty cool. Most of their boots, not all, are Goodyear welted as well, so we can expect good durability.

    3. They currently offer free world wide shipping

Yes, you read it right ladies and gentlemen, they offer FREE world wide shipping and I think that is pretty nuts. Of course you will need to take care of import duties or VAT for your home country, but you don’t see many shoe companies offering free shipping these days. I think it’s amazing.

Thing I want (rather than dislike) about Lanx

  1. They do not disclose the factory 

Lanx shoes are based in the UK, but they do not disclose the factory location or if all the shoes are made by Lanx. It would be possible that they get their stocks from various shoe factories. For example, their craftsman collection has a very similar silhouette to Sanders shoes and some of their Chelsea boots have a similar silhouette to Dr Martens or Solovair. However, it is only my mere assumption, since the information is not easily available online.



Overall, I think Lanx shoes have a great potential to be one of the big shoe brands in the UK. I love how their shoes and boots look and just love Marv’s story too. They are fairly new and keeps on improving so let’s wait and see. 

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