I recently added Allen Edmonds, Strandmok, to my collection. I purchased it from the actual Allen Edmonds Website, and I had a chance to wear it for an event. Before wearing it to the event, I quickly shined the shoes gave it a beautiful look. I would recommend everyone who buys a new pair of shoes to care for the shoes before wearing them outside.

That is because we don’t know how long the shoes were sitting in the warehouse. I am sure the conditions in the warehouse are good so that the leather does not grow molds or shoes don’t crack. However, as the leather is not treated for very long it gets dry, so it’s important to give it quick care and nourishment for their use.

Before anything I used Saphir Renovateur to moisturize the leather on the shoes. As stated before, we don’t know how long the shoes were in the warehouse. Renovateur provides an excellent nourishment for the leather that can potentially be dry. Even if the leather is not dry, it will still clean the leather from any dust and debris. Apply the Saphir Renovateur and leave it for few minutes until it gets soaked into the leather. Then buff it up with a horse hair shoe brush.

After buffing the Renovateur, I used Saphir Cream 1925 polish all around the shoes. I didn’t use a lot, I used minimal amount to give an overall protection from the weather and scuffs. It doesn’t prevent completely, but it gives a decent protection. Just like the Renovateur cream I waited for a bit and buffed it.

Finally, I have a quick shine to the toe box area. I used Saphir Medaille D’or to shine the toes of the shoes. I did not use Ice or any form of water, this was just to give it a quick polish before wearing a new pair of shoes to a new event or outside.

Please enjoy the video and if you have any comment or feedback, let me know!

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