Similar to the last post, I want to share these beautiful Aldens that you can grab from Lost and Found shop . Both of the boots are made with fantastic chamois leather. It’s very similar to suede or rough out, in terms of that it’s the reverse side of the leather. The colour on these will stay rugged and these are going to create beautiful patina eventually.

These Aldens are also made with Commando outsoles. The Commando outsoles will be more versatile and also fit for various of environment. 

Links are down below if you are interested!

Alden Indy shoes in Earth Chamois leather in Commando outsoles

Alden Norwegian Blucher boots in Tobacco Chamois leather in Commando Outsoles

Norwegian Front Blucher Boot Reverse Tobacco Chamois with Commando Sole G1901HC
Indy Shoe Reverse Earth Chamois with Commando Sole G1602C