White’s boots has released a collaboration boots with Division road. 

Click on the link to purchase them:

Cruiser 350 with Vibram 2060 outsoles in Black waxed flesh: HERE

Oxford 300 with Vibram 2060 outsoles in British tan cxl: HERE

1. White's boots Cruiser 350 black waxed flesh

Images from Divisionroadinc.com

This model is exclusive to Division Road. Made with Horween’s black waxed flesh leather. 6 inch in heigh and has 55 last. They are unlined with Vibram 2060 outsoles. 

Most importantly, these white’s boots have unconstructed toe boxes. Which means it’ll collapse during the wear and create a lovely look.

2. White's boots Oxford 300 in British tan cxl

Images from Divisionroadinc.com

On contrary, these are white’s boots oxford shoes. (More like derbies but hey)

Also features Horween’s British tan Chromexcel. Made with 55 last and has unconstructed toe boxes.