I know the colder season here on the Northern hemisphere, but hotter season is coming on the other side of the earth.

If you are looking for loafers, slippers and laceless shoes, why not consider these?

1. Viberg Slippers - Whiskey Regency Calf

These Viberg slippers are built in 2030 last, so it’s a bit different from their regular Viberg 2010 last.

Sizing can be a bit tricky for these but Viberg suggested to take regular 2030 last sizing for these slippers.

Beautiful calf leather from C.F Stead, 360 goodyear welted and has sawdust outsoles.

Purchase link here! For different slippers here!

Viberg Slippers Regency Calf

Image from Viberg.com

2. Oakstreet Bootmakers Country Loafers

Oakstreet bootmakers has released their version of country loafers recently.

The Oakstreet bootmaker country loafers are made with stitchdown construction method, it means that the upper is sewn through the midsole and the outsoles are cemented on to the midsoles. 

Country loafers are made of 430 last, which is only developed for the stitchdown construction method, it has very generous toe box.

Three types of leather is offered at the moment. Natural Chromexcel roughout and natural chromexcel leather and brown chromexcel leather

At a super affordable price of $248