Very Personal: Cool New Releases In July 1st Week.

Hello everyone! We have decided to start a new section in the blog. Myself and James, will be working on this section. We will show you guys cool releases of the month or week and share some information to you!

1. Must have for this summer: Birkenstocks

These are new releases from Clutch-Cafe. Clutch-Cafe is based in London but they also ship worldwide. Have a look at these new Birkenstocks which are a must have for this summer. We have brown Birkenstocks and black Birkenstocks.

These are specially made in Germany and have oil leather upper. The footbed is the original Birkenstock footbed so these will be very comfortable to wear. (Click on the photos for a closer look)

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For anyone who is looking for alternative Birkenstocks, here are links to other Birkenstocks! (Here)

2. Brooklyn Clothing, new Viberg release

Four new Viberg boots dropped on Brooklyn clothing this week. These are part of “Modern Classics” collection. All of them are your favourite horse hide leather.

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On your left we have Shinki Hikaku tannery, black latigo horsehide Viberg service boots in 2030 last. On your right we have Horween tannery bourbon horsehide Viberg service boots in 2030 last. Both boots are Goodyear welted and comes with Dainite soles. 

The left two photos are Viberg service boots are Comipel Brown Horsebutt in Ridgeway soles. These are also made in 2030 last. The next two are my personal favourite, Shinki Hikaku tannery’s Black Teacore leather in 2030 last. These Viberg service boots looks perfect in any occasion and also creates amazing patina after wearing them for a long time.

3. Vorti, The Boston 455 (46mm) watches

And to our final list we have The Boston 455 watch from Vortic watches. What is cool about this watch is that it’s a manual wind watch. How often do you see manual winding watches? Made of all very durable materials such as leather, gorilla glass and titanium. I think this watch is one of the must haves this summer.

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