Shell Cordovan boots by Meermin Mallorca. Made with HOK last and with Shinki Hikaku shell cordovan leather. These Meermins were delivered as promised, in November.

Quality: From the photos, you will see a tiny, tiny mark on the leather. But it doesn’t bother me at all. There is a tiny little hole in the back of each shoe. I think I read it somewhere that it was necessary for the construction, but it is so tiny I do not mind. Other than that everything else is great!

Soles: I am wearing them while I am writing this and they are so comfortable; the JR soles are amazing and comfortable. These boots are good year storm welted, so they can be resoled later in life. 

Size: My bannock size is between 11.5 and 12. I wear UK 10.5 with my Tricker’s Burford and stow, and I wear UK 11 for sneakers. US 11.5 in Allen Edmonds Stranmok. Sometimes I choose UK 11 when the last is a bit narrow because of my weird looking pinky toe on my right foot. Anyway, The boots are in UK 10.5 in HOK last, and they fit perfectly. My weird pinky toe doesn’t hurt, and the length is great too.

I ordered UK 11 at first, but after research, I changed my order to UK 10.5 before the MTO session finished. The customer service was very helpful and changed my order right away, and they didn’t make any mistake on delivering the correct size.

Meermin Shell Cordovan Boots
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